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Undergraduate Workshops : 2015

Check back soon for important dates and fee regarding our Undergraduate Economics Workshops for 2014. For questions or application inquiries,
please email us at

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ICES at George Mason University

Come join on us on the beautiful campus of George Mason University in Arlington!
GMU campus photos provided courtesy of GMU School of Management.

Welcome to the ICES Economics Workshops!

We are pleased to welcome you to become a part of our economics workshops, where students gather together to study and advance their knowledge in economics, entrepreneurship, and political economy. Through exciting classroom activities, interactive experimental games, stimulating lectures from world-renowned economists, and challenging discussions, our students learn how markets work and enhance their understanding of economic policies.

Our mission is to contribute in the spread of ideas and the achievement of a freer society by teaching students, young professionals, and other intellectuals from various fields about economics and liberty. We aim to provide a reliable comprehensive educational program to help students discover how essential economics are in understanding the social, economic, and political events and strengthen their ability and desire for in-depth economics research and continuous learning.

We seek to bring together the leadership of the most determined and the brightest students and strive to provide a stimulating learning environment, where ideas are produced and shared.

We look forward to welcoming you to our workshops!

GMU Campus in the Springtime.


ICES workshops are held on the beautiful campus of George Mason University. If you are using the metro, you can find us near the stop at Virginia Square (Orange Line). Our Address is:

  • 3434 Washington Blvd. North, 5th Floor
  • Arlington VA, 22201
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Important Dates

Workshop Dates

We are currently building the curriculum for our workshop of 2015. Please check back soon for Important Dates and Fees. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at